The Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes provides a consolidated programme of activities and exhibitions. Since it was remodelled in 2000, more than 150,000 visitors each year have passed through its doors.

The institution falls under the Community of Madrid and its functions include:

*To promote respect for Cultural Heritage and museums.

*To bring together, preserve and disseminate the collection housed by the Museum through activities for the entire public, through access for researchers, and through the dissemination of materials on the Golden Age.

*To inform people of Miguel de Cervantes’ life and work through the recreation of the different spaces in his house and through the Museum’s library.

*To have continuing cooperation between museums with similar characteristics for both national and international projects.

*To help the public get to know the literature, art, music, culture and society of the 17th century, establishing ties with the 21st century through the reinterpretation and inspiration of artists and other creative people.


Organisational Set Up

*Manager of the museum: Eva Jiménez Manero

*Conservation and restauration: Carmen Fernández Fernández

*Exhibition and dissemination area : Eusebio Bonilla Sánchez (technical support)

*Activities: Charo Melero Tejerina (technical support)

*Coordination: Laura García Plaza

*Administration: María Victoria Serrano Sánchez

*Press Office: Prensa Cultura